Here’s 15 Dollar Tree DIY Boho Decor Ideas that you can easily make for a few dollars.
0:00 Intro
0:29 Vase
4:27 Macramé Wall Decor
8:58 White Vase
14:31 Accordion Wall Hanger
17:37 Mini Pallet Shelf
20:48 Yarn Basket
25:18 Wall Baskets
30:46 Nautical Rope Vase
32:52 Modern Boho Geometric Planter
36:45 Gray Yarn Wall Hanging
41:21 Stair Shelf
44:27 White & Black Yarn Wall Hanging
48:27 Tray
54:02 Tribal Wall Decor
59:41 Hula Hoop Macramé
101:39 Outro

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